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Content Marketing

One sentence sums it all: It’s not about you…

SEO Strategy

If people can’t find you on Google you might as well quit now… BTW it doesn’t need to be your website that people find…


Sales Funnels

If you think you just need to build a website to generate leads you are doomed…

Video Marketing

If you dont use videos to attract your ideal customers you are leaving a lot of money on the table

Paid Ads

Organic ( free ) traffic is great but unless you dominate all the search engines you need to generate traffic yourself otherwise you may as well forget the web to make more money.

Authority Marketing

Become best selling authors, Host your own podcast, get invited as a gest speaker, I can even get you or your company your own (streaming) TV station !

About Me

Here’s the 20 second version :

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My name is Eric LeRiche and I have a university degree but my real strength comes from my experience.¬† I developed¬† my sales and marketing skills during my 18 years in the pharmaceutical industry and for 9 years now I’ve been using what I learned in this extremely competitive world to help local businesses make more money online… Concise enough?

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